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Becoms Limited is leading research and implementation of software which will allow Internet communities to dynamically create knowledge bases. This concept, invented by Becoms Limited, is termed 'The Knowledge Bazaar' and is our contribution to the evolution of the Internet. Our research has produced both academic advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence and a number of commercial applications which will be launched shortly.

In December 2005, Mr. B Craker MSc(Dist), BSc(Hons), The Managing Director of Becoms Limited, presented an academic paper, on the subject of the Knowledge Bazaar, to the SGAI conference, of international Artificial Intelligence academics, at Cambridge University. The paper was very well received and was awarded the honour of a prize.

The paper "The Knowledge Bazaar" has subsequently been published in the leading academic journals "Knowledge Based Systems" and "Expert Systems".

We are proud of our continuing contribution to the evolution of the Internet.

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